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Students will complete on-line learning portion, as well as complete six hours of successful driving time in order to receive a certificate of completion.

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  • Driver's Education 2023

    Driver’s Education Procedures for Students Earn your license and become a safe, secure driver with the BOCES Driver’s Education course. Our goal is to offer a program that develops a conscientious, efficient, safe driver who understands the skills and behaviors required for safely operating a vehicle. Procedures: At the age of 14 years and 6 months, you may register and pay the class fee of $150.00 for Driver’s Education at BOCES through this link: Driver's Ed. You may also call the BOCES office for assistance at 367-6873. ** Students who qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch at SCSD #1 can receive a scholarship for the cost of the BOCES fee. You will receive a confirmation email including the link to the online class portion which is an additional $59.99. On your own time, complete the online classroom instruction through Obtain your learner’s permit from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (You must be 15 to obtain a learners permit or go through the hardship process). WYDOT requires documentation for obtaining the permit: proof of identity (birth certificate, passport, etc.), 2 examples of proof of residence, and your social security card. Prior to driving with an instructor, you must present Sublette BOCES with physical copies of your 1) Certificate of completion from and 2) WYDOT learner’s permit. Sign this document as well as the Parent Permissions and return to the BOCES office. After steps 1-4 above have been completed, Mr. Hartwig or Mr. Flint, Sublette BOCES driving instructors, will call you to schedule the required six (6) hours of driving time. The instructor will work to find driving hours to fit within your schedule, to the extent possible. Driving Expectations: You must have your learner’s permit in your possession at all times. No flip-flops or barefeet while driving. You must be alert and observant at all times while driving. You shall not report to your driving session with alcohol or with any detectable amount of controlled substances in your system. A detectable amount refers to the standards generally used in workplace drug and alcohol testing. No distractions while driving: i.e cell phone, music, watch phone, digital devices. Pay attention at all times, no sleeping. No food or sugary beverages in the vehicle. You must not violate any of the conditions of Wyoming Statute 31-7-108: The student’s license or nonresident operating privilege is currently under suspension or revocation in Wyoming or any other state; The student is a habitual user of alcohol or any controlled substance to a degree rendering him/her incapable of safely driving a motor vehicle; The student has previously been adjudged by a court of law to be mentally incompetent and who has not at the time of application been restored to competency by the methods provided by law; The student has failed to successfully pass an examination required by Wyoming law; When the instructor has good cause to believe that the person by reason of physical or mental disability would not be able to safely operate a motor vehicle upon the highways; The student is in violation of the immigration laws of the United States; When the instructor has received a written statement from a licensed treating physician or optometrist stating the student is not capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. ** If, after the first driving session or during any successive driving session, for any reason the instructor feels that continuing the course would place you, the instructor, or the general public at risk, you will be removed from the program. ** Students who do not successfully meet the standards required by the course will not receive a completion certificate. If these students still wish to obtain a Wyoming Driver’s License, they will be required to practice with a parent or legal guardian to obtain the necessary hours and skills to complete the program. After successful completion of all the requirements listed above, students will then be presented with their Driver’s Education certificate.